Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MLK and Barack Obama

Yesterday was a day of celebrations!  We celebrated the wonderful life of Martin Luther King Jr. and the president was inaugurated yesterday as well.  I was neat to watch how these two celebrations came together as one.

Number of the Day:  2, 222  (next odd, next even, in words, using place value blocks)

Writing Workshop:  We are beginning to practice for the writing portion of the PASS test.  The students will have to be able to identify sentences that are written correctly and incorrectly in a passage.  We will practice this every day over the next couple of months.  We are continuing to write our small moment stories.  Those students that are finished are getting the opportunity to write a make-believe story.

Reading Workshop:  We looked at "Notices" and "Connections" as we read a story today.  Ask your child to show you some notices and connections as they read their story tonight.

Math Workshop:  We finished our multiplication centers and we will take a test tomorrow.

Science:  We are looking at how animals must adapt to their environments and how different animals becoming extinct can mess up a habitat.

SS:  We discussed the similarities and differences between the different ways of life in colonial times.

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