Monday, January 14, 2013

How was your weekend?

My weekend was great.  I really enjoyed getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather and soaking up some Vitamen E.  I went fishing on the lake with my family on Saturday and spent most of the day sitting on my balcony on Sunday.  Here we are on Monday with our dreary January weather.  The students seem to be forgetting that there is not to be talking when I am teaching or when they are working on individual assignments.  I try to make sure that they have plenty of time to socialize during the day, but when we are supposed to be learning they need to focus.  Please remind your children of their very important job here at school.

Morning Journal:  Have you ever won an award?  If yes, explain what you have won the award for? If no, explain what you would like to win an award for?

Writing Workshop:  We discussed all of the different types of nouns in a story and the ways to use them appropriately.  We are continuing to work on our small moment stories which will be displayed throughout January.

Reading Workshop:  We are reviewing our long vowel sounds and /j/ spelled j and dge; /s/ spelled s and cy.  The students are continuing to practice all of their reading skills and strategies, but this week's focus is main idea.

SS:  "There are three branches of the government.  There are three branches of the government.  Legislative makes the laws. Executive carries them out.  Judicial makes sure the laws make sense."  Have your child sing our song to you today.

Science:  We are looking at animals and their life cycles.  We will have a test on animal life cycles on Wednesday.

**No school for students on Friday for a teacher work day.  No school on Monday to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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