Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Three Branches of the Government

Please drill in your kids head the three branches of the government.  Have them sing our song to you and then make them explain what the parts of the song mean.

Number of the Day: 167 (next odd, next even, 100 more, one more, one less)

Writing Workshop:  We are focusing on adding good details to our stories that will make the reader interested.

Reading Workshop:  We took a mini assessment in reading.  The students are practicing proving their answers and looking back in the passage for the correct answers.

Math Workshop:  I taught them the 11's trick.  Ask your child how we remember 11x11 and 11x12.

SS:  Three branches of the government!!!!

Science:  We are moving the test on animal life cycles to Thursday!

**No school on Friday for students.  No school on Monday for everyone!!  Please remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all of the wonderful things he did for our country.

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