Friday, January 4, 2013

We're back!!

Morning Journal:  What is the best thing you did over the holiday break?

Writing Workshop:  The students had a lesson from our Bearcat Buddy, Mr. Travis.  He taught them how to write an autobiography.  He read them his autobiography that he had written and then described to them the process of writing his paper.  The students then wrote their own autobiographies.

Reading Workshop:  We practiced locating small details within a passage and found the main idea from a passage.

Math Workshop:  I taught the students the 11's trick.  It works up to the nines!  You pretend that you are multiplying times one, two times.  For example: 8x11=  Think 1x8=8 and 1x8=8 for the answer 8x11=88.  We practiced solving problems using arrays and repeated addition.

SS:  We took our test on the perspectives of the Patriots, Loyalists, Native Americans, Slaves, and Women.

During Science time, some of the students worked on their small moment plans, others worked on acrostic poems, others played Sushi Monster on the ipad. 

Have a great weekend.

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