Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If I were a star...

Morning Journal:  If I were famous for one thing it would be...

Writing Workshop:  We are continuing to work on our small moment stories.  These stories will be displayed on our bulletin board in the hallway.  Some students will be creating e-books to share with you as well.

Reading Workshop:  What is a noun and how can you tell?  We have been working on different kinds of nouns and where they can be located in a sentence. 

Math Workshop:  Ask your child to show you the 12's trick.  We will have a test on multiplication on Wednesday of next week.

SS:  We took a quiz on the three branches of the government. 

Science:  We played a review Jeopardy game on animal life cycles.  We will have a test on this tomorrow.

**No school on Friday this week for students.  No school on Monday to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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