Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Archaeology is Awesome!

We are learning all about archaeology and how an archaeologist looks at artifacts to discover how people lived in the past. The field trip tomorrow will be a great enrichment activity for our unit on communities past and present. Please make sure your child brings a bag lunch and drink!

Morning Journal: We did not have a regular morning journal today. I had them answer a customary capacity question using "Super G".

Morning Math: Fractions, Place Value, Addition

Math: We reviewed over customary weight with 16 ounces=1 pound. We worked on conversions and how we add or multiply and subtract or divide to solve the conversion problems. I introduced metric weight with 1000 grams=1 kilogram. Everyone seemed to grasp that it was the exact same as milliliters and liters conversions.

Imagine It: We finished reading "Days of Digging" and applied the strategies of asking questions, summarizing, and clarifying what we have read. The students are all bringing home their Imagine It books tonight to read "Days of Digging". Please use the comprehension questions behind the reading tab in their FROG binder to practice these strategies.

Science: We developed our hypothesis, materials list, and procedures for our science fair projects. We will begin working on our projects on Thursday.

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