Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One More Day!!!!

All but three of the students have made their AR goals!! The last three will make it tomorrow! Which means 100% of our students will make their goals for this quarter!! We can do it.

Morning Journal: What was your favorite thing you did with your PLC for science fair? Least favorite? What did you learn from your science fair project?

Morning Math: We had a mixture of customary and metric linear conversions.

Math: We reviewed over both customary and metric conversions. I went over the questions on the math test study guide. All of the students were told to bring these home, so they can study for the test tomorrow.

Imagine It: We took our Imagine It test on "What Ever Happened to the Baxter Place?" We began taking the STAR assessment, so we can set our new AR goals for next quarter.

Please make sure your child studies for both the science and math tests. If they bring in the study guides signed by you, they will receive 5 points on their tests.

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