Monday, March 19, 2012

Three Days Until Science Fair!!!

We are getting our posters made and putting all of the finishing touches on our science fair projects. I hope all of you can join us from 5:30-7:00pm on Thursday, March 22nd.

Morning Journal: Today is incredible kid day! What do you do to show you are an incredible kid?

Morning Math: We did not get the opportunity to go over this today, so I will go over both Monday and Tuesday's tomorrow. We did take a timed addition, subtraction, and multiplication test.

Math: We went over the morning math test from Friday and your child was supposed to make corrections to their test. We also went over the capacity, weight, and temperature test from Friday. Every student should be bringing these home with the answers corrected. I introduced customary linear measurement with inches, feet, yards, and miles. Today we discussed how big each of these measurements are and played Simeon Says. Ask your child to show you about how big each of these measurements are with their hands. The students are supposed to find 10 things around their house that can be measured in inches, feet, yards, or miles.

Imagine It: We began reading "What every happened to the Baxter Place?" This week we are focused on making connections, asking questions, and making predictions. So far we have made text to text connections and text to self connections. Ask your child to make connections to the story you read together tonight.

Science Fair: March 22nd

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