Thursday, March 15, 2012

Science fair madness!

We are trying to learn how to get along with our PLCs and it has been a really difficult process. The students are learning how to take turns with watering their plants, typing on the computer, and writing down information. I am looking forward to our science fair next week and I know the students are too.

We had a discussion today about the weather getting warmer and the fact that their bodies are starting to change. I discussed with them that when they get hot and sweaty that some of them may start to smell, which means they need to take baths more often and some of them may need to start wearing deodorant. I told them the deodorant decision was ultimately up to their parents, but they might want to discuss it with you guys.

Morning Journal: The old saying goes, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." What do you think this saying means?

Morning Math: We went over everything that will be on the morning math test tomorrow and all students were told to bring their sheet home so they could study.

Math: We reviewed for our test on capacity, weight, and temperature tomorrow. We completed a review sheet as a class that the students were asked to bring home to study for the test. Please review the study guide with your child.

Imagine It: We found cause and effect relationships within our story "The Disappearing Island". We went over the test questions that will be on tomorrows test. Please review cause and effect with your child on their reading passage tonight! They need to try to unpack the questions and use their strategies to prove the answers. The reading passages are being graded!!

Science Fair: March 22

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