Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

I have to admit to everyone that yesterday I went out and played with my kids in the beautiful weather and then went out to eat. I got home so late that I put the kids straight to bed and then went to bed myself. I am sorry I did not blog yesterday. I will do double time today. We have spent the last two days in test mode and yesterday the students found out a little bit of what it will truly be like to sit during the EOGs. We sat for a little over two and a half hours! Before EOGS I will teach them how to take small metal breaks, so they can sit for a long period of time. Remember EOGs are not timed! The students have a full four hours to take the test and some of them may need this time to complete it. I will send you the tentative schedule for testing as soon as I receive it.

Morning Journal: May 13th: If you could create any type of Girl Scout cookie, what would it be and why? Design a package for the cookie. My favorite was the red velvet cookie with cream cheese filling. YUMMM!!
May 14th: Create a new type of candy bar, what would you put in it and why? Design a package for your candy bar. Double marsh mellow filled with caramel is my pick!!!

Morning Math: Addition and Subtraction to four digits with re-grouping, Fractions, Place Value, Number Lines, Measurement, Multiplication

Math: Review of Fahrenheit and Celsius! We will have a test on capacity, weight, Fahrenheit, and Celsius on Friday. A review sheet will come home tomorrow!!

Imagine It: We have read "The Disappearing Island". The skills and strategies we have focused on are: Clarifying, Summarizing, Author's Purpose, Cause and Effect.

Science fair is in full swing and we are counting down the days until the science fair on March 22nd. We hope you can come and see the hard work of all the PLCs.

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