Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh, Monday, Monday!

The flowers are dying, there not dying, leaves are changing colors, there not changing colors. The projects are all over the place. Ask your child what is happening with their science fair project. We will continue working on these every day.

Morning Journal: What did you do over the weekend?

Morning Math: Place Value through the Millions, Multiplication, Angles, Patterns (We went over the correct answers to the morning math test from Friday. I ask all students to correct their answers, please make sure your child is making corrections to their test.)

Math: Review capacity and weight test. I reviewed temperature in degree Fahrenheit and introduced temperature in degrees Celsius. I taught the students the rhyme "30 is hot, 20 is nice, 10 is cool, and 0 is ice". This is always difficult for them to understand, because they are not used to hearing temperatures in degrees Celsius.

Imagine It: We read "The Disappearing Island" and worked on clarifying and summarizing the selection. We discussed the vocabulary for this story and we all learned a new word "dinghy: a small boat". The students thought this word was hilarious and it put an abrupt stop to our lesson.

Spring Pictures: Wednesday!!!

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