Friday, March 23, 2012

National Create Your Own Holiday Day!!

What holiday would you create if you could make any holiday? We had children's candy day, lay around in your pajamas day (I told them that was my weekend), and everything is free day (my favorite). This was an entertaining morning journal. Many students still owe me morning journals from the past couple of weeks. I have asked them to bring home their morning journals over the weekend to complete them. All assignments are due to me by Thursday to be counted for this nine weeks.

We completed our morning math test and I will have these graded by early next week. As usual, I will go over the correct answers, so your child can learn from their mistakes.

Math: I introduced metric linear measurement with millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, and kilometers. Today we looked at which one was the smallest measurement through the largest measurement. We will have a test on linear measurement next Thursday.

Imagine It: We took a reading formative test, which most of the students did very well on. I also reviewed main idea and supporting details.

Thank you for your support during the science fair process. I'm sorry I was unable to attend. My youngest son got sick and I could not come. We will take a test on the scientific process next Thursday. A study guide will come home on Monday!

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