Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Fair is HERE!!

The book fair has begun at Independence!!  Our book fair buy day is this Friday!  The third grade grandparents lunch is tomorrow at 12:00 pm.  I hope to see many of the grandparents here.

Number of the Day:  25

Reading Workshop:  We began reading Ananse's Feast which is a folktale.  We looked at characteristics of a folktale.
1.  wishes are granted
2. magic objects
3. animals talk
4. monsters appear

We will continue reading this folktale this week and will discuss more characteristics of the folktale every day.

Math Workshop:  We are continuing to study place values up to the 100,000 place.  We are working on comparing these numbers using greater than, less than, and equal to.  We will have a test on these concepts on Friday.

SS:  We had our test on Native Americans today and have been reading the book The Native.  This is a story of a 9 year-old Native American boy's first contact with white settlers.

Science:  We reviewed for our test on rocks and minerals.  The test will be tomorrow.  Please have your child study the test review that came home today!!

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