Monday, September 17, 2012

Constitution Day!!

Did you know that we celebrate our constitution every September 17th?  The students learned about Constititution Day today and a little bit about how our government is run.  We wrote about what it means to be a good American in our morning journals.

Reading Workshop:  We reviewed over the correct way to choose a book and how to behave during reading workshop time.  I began my small groups and we discussed the cover, back blurb, and the chapter headings with each group.  Some groups looked at vocabulary within the book.  Ask your child about the book they read with their group.  Have them describe to you whether or not a book is easy, just right, or challenging.

Math Workshop:  We finished our graphing test today.  There is no math homework tonight.

Science:  The students received descriptions of our 12 minerals and are trying to figure out which name fits with their minerals.  We will finish classifying them tomorrow.

SS:  We looked at the Yemassee tribe that was located along the Coastal Zone.  This tribe fished and traveled along the rivers and oceans.  The only way we know anything about these tribes today is the Midden mounds that have been found.  These Midden mounds are literally ancient piles of trash!!

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