Monday, September 24, 2012

SS Test Tomorrow!!!

Here is the study guide for the SS Test:  (The things highlighted in yellow are MUST know for the test!)
1.      Cherokee:
            Food: corn, beans, squash, meat
            Homes: 30-60  homes in a town, square
            Crafts: made cooking pots and ladles from gourds
            Leaders: Sequoyah-writing system
            Government: council, chief, women decided on war
   Special Facts: cleared fields by lighting fires
   Region: Blue Ridge

2.      Catawba:
            Food: beans, squash, meat
            Homes: made of bark, dome shaped
            Crafts: pottery
            Leaders: Hagler
            Government: chief, council
   Special Facts: “river people”, celebrate the harvest
   Region: Piedmont

3.      Yemasee:
            Food: shellfish
            Homes: covered with leaves
            Crafts: pottery
            Leaders: ???
            Government: ???
  Special Facts: midden mounds, warm weather-lived near beach; cooler weather-moved         
  Region: Coastal Zone

Morning Journal:  What is the best part about fall?

Reading Workshop:  We studied the genre: historical fiction.  We looked at the characterisitcs of this genre.
1.  Based on history.
2.  True facts.
3. Made up characters, but can be based on real people.
4.  Real places.
5. Real events.

Math Workshop:  We went to numbers in the 10,000 place.  We wrote numbers in standard (167,324), expanded (100,000+60,000+7,000+300+20+4=167,324), and word form (one hundred sixty seven thousand three hunded twenty four).  We also practiced comparing numbers with greater than (>), less than (<), and equal to (=) symbols.

SS:  See above!!

GCC Challenge:  We are now at our fifth location!!!  Please check it out.
Username:  Mrs. Patrick's Class_203060
Password:  patriots

I had a blast on my trip and I will be sharing pictures and rock samples with the students.  I will post the pictures on my blog for you guys to see as well.  I visited the Blue Ridge Mountains and found some great rock samples that we have studied.  I even went to a Cherokee village!  It was fun.

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