Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Leaves, leaves every where!

Why do you think leaves change color?  That is the question on the morning journal. 

Writing Workshop:  We discussed being the authority on things.  We are all an authority on something in life and I want the students to know that they are the authority on things as well.  We brainstormed a list of things that we are the authority on.  For example: I am the authority on: teaching, being a mom, wife, taking care of a dog, etc.

Reading Workshop:  We continued to read the folktale Ananse's Feast.  We are discussing more characterisitics of a folktale.  (trickery, variety of tools, poor person becomes rich, ordinary people in everyday life)

Math Workshop:  We are having a test on place value, values, comparing and ordering numbers, standard, expanded, and word form.  Today we played games to help us review for the test.  We will continue reviewing tomorrow for our test on Friday.

SS:  We located England, Spain, and France on a world map.  We discusssed the reasons why explorers wanted more land (crowding, no more available land, dream of riches, adventure)  I also asked the big question of "Why was Columbus' voyage important?"

Science:  We took our test on Rocks and Minerals.

Don't forget to check out our progress on the Global Children's Challenge.  We are working hard and have already made it to location number 6!!

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