Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fractured Fairy Tales!!

We have been working on creating our own fractured fairy tales.  We have studied fairy tales and then the different ways that we can change them to become different.

Number of the Day:  18

Writing Workshop:  We have learned that there is both a protagonist and an antagonist within a fairy tale.  We have looked at how they have changed Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Three Little Pigs.

Reading Workshop:  What should you do if you don't understand a word in a sentence?  Sound it out, find words that you know, break it into syllables, look at context clues, look at the pictures.

Math Workshop:  The students played "Cubes in a Box".  They used strategies for estimating how many cubes would fit into a box.  Then they tested their estimates by actually putting the cubes in the box and analyzing whether or not there estimate was close or not.  They looked at whether or nto their number was odd or even and how they decided.

Science:  We took at quiz on the three different types of rocks.

SS:  We looked at how an archeologists digs up artifacts to discover how a culture worked long ago.  We also began our Global Children's Challenge.  We are so excited.
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