Monday, September 10, 2012

National Newsprint Day!!

It's national newsprint day!!  If you could design your own magazine, what would the title of the magazine be and what type of articles would be in it?

Reading Workshop:  We reviewed over the correct procedures for reading workshop and how to log in our books each day.  We took the reading portion of the MAP testing.

Math Workshop:  We look at line graphs and how to read, create, and answer questions about line graphs.  We learned that we have to look at the horizontal or x-axis first and the the vertical or y-axis second.  We discovered that a line graph looks at data over a longer period of time.  The students need to complete page 149; 1-10 for homework.

Science:  We applied the light test to each of our minerals.  We observed whether or not they were opaque=no light, translucent=small amount of light, or transparent=a lot of light.

SS:  We learned that the Cherokee Indians were the first settlers of South Carolina.  We looked at how they organize their villages and began creating our own pictures of the villages.

Fundraiser packets and money are due on Wednesday!!!

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