Thursday, September 27, 2012

Columbus discovers America?

We are learning that Columbus did not actually land in America and never actually touched American soil.  September 16th marked the anniversary of the day that Columbus left for the new world.  The students wrote about what they think it would have been like to sail with Columbus to the new world.

Writing Workshop:  We looked at adding details to our writing.  For example: If the students are responding to the following morning journal, What did you do over the weekend?  I play a game. It was fun. I like it.  This is the response I am getting from most of the students.  Instead I want to see good details in their writing.  For example:  I played a soccer game with my team the Dragons.  It was so much fun because I scored the only goal.  I loved it because everyone was cheering for me and my parents bought me ice cream.  We will continue adding these details to our writing.

Reading Workshop:  We continued to read Ananse's Feast and discuss the characteristics of a folktale.  The students looked at the differences between a folktale and a fairy tale.  I continue to work with my guided reading groups on a daily basis.

Math Workshop:  We finished our math centers dealing with place value, comparing and ordering numbers, standard, expanded, and word form.  We are taking a test on these concepts tomorrow.

SS:  We are beginning our study of explorers that traveled through and settled in South Carolina.

Science:  We are moving on from rocks and minerals and have begun our study of fossils.  The students are very excited to make their own fossils and study them next week.

**Our book fair buy day is tomorrow.  If your child wants to buy books, please send money in with them.

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