Wednesday, September 19, 2012

National Teddy Bear Day!!

What is your favorite stuffed animal?  Mine is a stuffed cat that my grandmother gave me the year before she died.  I was eight and in third grade at the time and it meant the world to me because it was so "expensive".  This was the last gift she gave me before she passed away.  My youngest son, Brennan, still sleeps with this stuffed cat.

Writing Workshop:  We read Little Red Riding Hood and then the fractured fairy tale version called The Wolf's Tale.  We looked at the similarities and differences between the two.  We worked on our own fractured fairy tales with our partners.

Science:  We finished labeling our minerals and then I gave them the correct names for each one.  We discussed the characteristics of each one.  We discovered that diamonds are the hardest mineral, but the school district neglected to include one in our kit. (LOL)

Math Workshop:  We played Place Value Musical chairs and looked at the standard form (157), word form (one hundred fifty seven), place value (ones, tens, hundreds), and the value (100, 50, 7) of each number.  We played the card game and tried to create the largest number possible to beat our classmates. 

Reading Workshop:  We continued to work with our groups to practice reading with fluency and comprehension.  The students are working independently to complete many different activities to further their reading skills.

**FIRST DAY OF GLOBAL CHILDREN'S CHALLENGE!!  Please have your child write down their steps each evening and wear their pedometers every day!!

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