Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rocks or Minerals?

The big question today was:  What is the difference between rocks and minerals?  Over the past week, we have focused on rocks and the three different types of rocks (sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic).  Today we looked at minerals and how they are different from rocks.  We discovered that all rocks are made up of two or more minerals, but minerals are NOT rocks.  We will continue to work on this concept over the next couple of days.

Morning Journal:  It's national bubble blowing day.  What is your favorite type of candy and why?

Writing Workshop:  We reviewed over our list of nouns and I introduced verbs as action words.  We will continue to work on these concepts.

Reading Workshop:  Yesterday we looked at the difference between fiction (not real) and nonfiction (real) books.  Today we looked at some of the genres (type of story) underneath each of these headings.  We learned that fiction can be realistic fiction (a story that could happen, but has not actually happened) and historical fiction (a story that takes a real historical event and makes up characters to describe the event).  In nonfiction we looked at informational text (contains all real facts), biographies (written about a famous person by another person), and autobiographies (written by a famous person about themselves).  The students will start looking at their books and trying to judge which genre their story is that they are reading.  Please start asking your child, which genre they think their story is that they are reading at home. 

Math Workshop:  We continued our study of dot plots or line graphs.  We created a class dot plot of the family members names and then analyzed the dot plot for mode and range.

Science:  Please see above about rocks and minerals.

SS:  We reviewed over the six different regions in South Carolina and their main characteristics.  Ask your child to draw you a map of SC and try to label the six regions.  I bet they can do it.

Book orders are due by Friday!!

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