Thursday, September 6, 2012

Play Ball!!

It's national Little League Day!  What is your favorite sport?  This is the question the students answered today in their morning journals.

Writing Workshop:  We looked at adding details to our writing and not writing such simple sentences such as: I like soccer. It is cool.  It is great.  I want them to add descriptive details that make their writing interesting.

Reading Workshop:  We reviewed fiction and nonfiction and looked at some more genres under the fiction category.  We learned that fairy tales, folktales, tall tales, and fantasy books all fall under the fiction category.

Math Workshop:  We went over our homework on dot plots and discussed the answers.  We will continue to look at the types of questions that are asked with dot plots.  We practiced creating pictographs as a class.  We asked the question: What is your favorite fruit?  We made a tally mark graph and then turned it into a pictograph.  The students need to create their own question for homework and then make a pictograph with the data they collected from their families.

SS:  We have a test on the six regions in SC tomorrow.  We reviewed over the six regions and their characteristics.  The students brought home a study guide for the test tomorrow.

Science:  We created a graphic organizer to show the three different types of rocks, characteristics of each, and drew a picture to help us remember the rocks.

Book orders are due tomorrow!!  Please have your child wear red, white, and blue to celebrate spirit day.

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