Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brrr!!! It's cold out there!

This was the comment from every child as they entered the classroom today. I was glad to see almost everyone back today at school. We had a fun day as we entered the exciting world of sun, moon, and stars.

As the students entered they completed the morning journal of: If you have won an award, what was it and why did you win the award? If you haven't won an award, what award would you like to win and why? It was wonderful to read how many of our children have won awards. We completed day two on our morning math sheet. This covered finding the missing number in an addition equation, counting and subtracting money, place value blocks with regrouping, and adding.

During math, we learned how to solve a division problem using repeated subtraction. For example if you are dividing 12/3=, you would start with 12-3=9, 9-3=6, 6-3=3, 3-3=0. Count how many times you subtracted three and that is the answer. So 12/3=4. We also checked our answer by multiplying 4x3=12. The students practiced using this strategy at their seats and some of them got to go on the computer to work on their multiplication facts. Tomorrow we will play a multiplication and division review game for our test on Friday.

During Imagine It, we learned that when you put -ly on a word it becomes an adverb and when you put -y on the end of a noun it becomes an adjective. We previewed our story "Sun" and worked on adjusting our reading speed, clarifying, and asking good questions. The students are going to read the story "Sun" tonight for homework.

During Science, I read "Papa, please get the moon for me" by. Eric Carle. It was such a class favorite, that I ended up reading it twice. All of the students in the class took an AR test on the book, and everyone got 100!! The students created a KWHL chart for sun, moon, and stars. The K stands for Knowing, the W for Want to Know, the H for How you want to learn it, and the L for what you Learned. We will finish the KWHL chart tomorrow before beginning our study of light.

Thanks for another great day and stay warm!!

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