Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let there be light!!

Today's morning journal was if I could be any animal what would I be and why? On our morning math we had a very complicated pattern problem, addition and subtraction fact family, telling time to the five minute (please review telling time with your child), and an addition problem.

During science lab today, the students completed an experiment called the bending pencil. I know we all remember this one! You place the pencil in a cup of water and it looks like the pencil has been bent in half. All due to light!

In math we reviewed coordinate grids and which one is the x and y-axis. We pretended that we were going on an egg hunt and had to place eggs at a certain ordered pair. I taught the students how to move around on a coordinate grid either right, left, up, or down. We also discussed that they may use the directions north, south, east, or west. We practiced moving around the coordinate grid and counting our steps by doing "bunny hops". We will have a test on coordinate grids tomorrow after a short review.

Ask your child what they are learning in their work shop groups. All of our students are doing such wonderful things in their groups and creating some great projects.

During Imagine It we finished reading "Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun". We focused on making predictions and making connections. All of the students completed a t-chart where they had to find a sentence in the story and then make a connection to that sentence. They had to complete five in their reading journals. I sent them home with their Imagine It books to re-read the story. Ask your child to stop and make a prediction, then have them either confirm or deny their prediction. Make them explain why their prediction was either right or wrong.

In science today we studied light and the different characteristics of light. We looked at four types of light: flashlight, candle, lamp, and sunlight. After the students observed the different kinds of light, they wrote down the characteristics of each type. We discussed each type of light and its characteristics. We focused on how light reflects off of objects and that is the only reason we can see everything around us. Tomorrow we will look at our shadows and how it moves throughout the day.

Make sure your child is studying their multiplication flash cards every night!!

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