Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bullying Behaviors!

I am going to do my regular post about what we do in class each day, but before I go into that I want to describe to you the bullying behaviors we have going on in our classroom. Every day I have students writing each other notes telling each other they are stupid or ugly, cursing each other out (I don't know about you guys, but when I was in third grade I didn't know these words.), they threaten to beat each other up, and steal from each other. I have tried to create a classroom where the students can open up to each other and me, but instead it seems that they have gone the opposite direction. I am going to start a daily classroom meeting, where we talk about all the things that are going on in our classroom and how it is making them feel. I have got to put a stop to all of these bullying behaviors. The problem is that even when Mr. Sid from the Respectability Foundation comes into our classroom, the students are still disrespectful and do not want to listen to the lessons on anti-bullying. Please discuss with your child the importance of being accepting of everyone around them. Bullying is not tolerated in CMS and especially not in my classroom. If your child tells you about a situation where they are being bullied, please encourage them to come and talk to me or you can stop in yourself and speak to me about it. Thank you for your support in this important life lesson.

Morning Journal: What do you do on our days off from school? The morning journal must now be 10 sentences long and I am looking for detailed sentences, not a list.

Morning Math: We reviewed over basic addition and subtraction problems with in/out box patterns. I will review this concept the entire week and we will test on it Friday.

Math: I went over the morning math test and the geometry terms test from last week. I wanted to make sure that the students fully understood these concepts before moving on to types of triangles tomorrow.

Imagine It: I went over the reading formative about Beverly Cleary from last week. I showed them exactly how to find answers in the passage and to eliminate the answers that don't make sense. We finished reading "The Moon Seems to Change" and filled in our moon phases chart. We will have a test on this Friday. We will take our regular Imagine It test on Thursday.

AR: We have set new goals for the third quarter. Ask your child what their new point goal is for the third quarter.

Science: We watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy on the phases of the moon. This video does an excellent job of showing exactly how the moon moves around the Earth and creates the phases. The students wrote ten facts from the video and this will be a science test grade. Please make sure you have them study the moon phases sheet.

The following tests came home today: Morning Math Week 17, reading formative (Beverly Cleary), math test (point, line, line segment, parallel, perpendicular, right, acute, obtuse), heritage project grades.

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