Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If I went to the moon...

Today for our morning journal we wrote about if we took a trip to the moon, what would you do? Most of the students would bounce around and explore and some of them decided they would go moon surfing. Sounds pretty interesting if you ask me.

We took our SS district formative this morning and it only had sixteen questions on it. This test will help me to create lesson plans for my class that is geared towards their needs and the NC Standard Course of Study.

Morning Meeting: Today we discussed lying and how it makes us feel and how we think it effects others when we lie. I will put out an "Issues Can" for the students to put in suggestions on the issues that they think we should discuss in our morning meeting. I am hoping that this will help with the issues that we have going on in our classroom.

Math: Today I introduced the six types of triangles and they are: right triangle: one right angle, acute triangle: one acute angle, obtuse triangle: one obtuse angle, equilateral triangle: all three sides are equal, isosceles triangle: two of the sides are equal, scalene triangle: none of the sides are equal.

Imagine It: We identified cause and effect relationships in our story "The Moon Seems to Change". We also compared and contrasted the different phases of the moon and the sun and moon in a Venn diagram. The students created a moon phase hat to practice for our test on Friday. We will take the Imagine It test tomorrow.

Science: We reviewed over the phases of the moon and the order that they move. The test on the phases of the moon will be on Friday.

AR Assembly is at 10:15 on Friday. Please make sure your child creates their vocabulary hat. I am excited to see all the great words they create.

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