Friday, January 27, 2012


This is the word of the day!!! Our SMART Board is fixed!! We started the morning with double specials, went straight to the AR assembly, and finished the day with AR rotations! It was a blast.

Morning Journal: If I were an astronaut I would...

Double Specials: Media and PE

AR Assembly: We paraded down the hallway and showed off our awesome vocabulary. We were recognized for everyone being above 90% correct average and then got to dance our way out of the assembly.

Science: We took our phases of the moon test and got our moon tracking book stapled in our science journals.

AR Rotations: The students got to choose between movie, art, game, and dance rooms and were able to do two rotations and we had a great time. I was in charge of the art room and it looked like a glitter bomb went off in there. The students did a good job of cleaning up the paper, but the glitter was a little more difficult.

I look forward to next week and getting to use the SMART Board again for our lessons.

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