Monday, January 9, 2012

Coordinate Grids!!

Today's morning journal was, "If I were a snowflake I would...". On our morning math we practiced the value of numbers, adding three-digit numbers with re-grouping, polygons, and subtracting. Many of the students struggled with polygons, I will be formally teaching this later in the week.

We had double specials today! First, the students went to media and got to check out some new books. Don't forget to ask your children some of the strategy questions located in the FROG binder. Then, they went to PE and played a game that got them hot and sweaty.

After physical activity, we look at adding the suffixes -ful and -able to words. We discussed how it changes the words and gave examples of our new words in sentences. Our reading skills this week are predicting and making connections. When we make predictions while reading a story, we are making an educated guess from the clues in the text. As you continue reading, you need to either confirm or deny your prediction and then say why. There are three types of connections you can make to a story: 1. Text to Self 2. Text to World 3. Text to Text. Ask your child to try and make connections as they read a story to you at home. We read the first part of our story "Grandmother Spider Gets the Sun". This is a folktale and tells how many different animals got their characteristics and how we got day and night. We discussed how the Native Americans created these stories to explain different occurrences in the world.

During math I introduced Coordinate Grids. When looking at an ordered pair you always find the x-axis first and then the y-axis. I explained to the students that first they need to crawl and then they need to climb. An ordered pair looks like this: (x,y). The x-axis is on the bottom (horizontal) and the y-axis goes up and down (vertical). We practiced finding ordered pairs and labeling them on a coordinate grid. The homework that was sent home tonight has some great examples on it.

Tomorrow, we will work on moving through directions and going from one ordered pair to another on a coordinate grid. The test will be on Wednesday.

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  1. Keep up with the great blogs! It helps me stay on track with what Cole is doing in school. Thanks so much!!