Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ways to Help Bullies!

Today's morning meeting was all about ways to help bullies. We discussed the reasons we think people might bully others and how bullies can help themselves to change these behaviors.

Morning Journal: A snowball hit me in the back of the head and I...

Morning Math: We practiced rounding to the nearest 10, 100, and 1000. We looked at solving a problem with a picture and ways to solve a problem once you get stuck.

Math: We reviewed over right, acute, obtuse, equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles. The students created each type of triangle with manipulatives. We also practiced recognizing each type of triangle and some students got to practice on the computer (

Imagine It: We took the test on "The Moon Seems to Change". Everyone then created a moon phases flip book to practice for their test on the moon phases tomorrow.

Science: We took a practice test on drawing and labeling the phases of the moon for tomorrow's test.

The AR assembly is at 10:15 tomorrow. We will have rotations tomorrow afternoon to celebrate their reading accomplishments. Please join us at the AR assembly if you are available tomorrow.

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