Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Half-Way There!

Some of the students couldn't believe it was already Wednesday! They said the week had move by very quickly. This morning when they came into the room they wrote about different ways they can impact the environment in a positive way. On our morning math sheet, we looked at three-digit addition, patterns, and place value. We do not have specials on day 6 so today we took our bi-weekly reading formative test. The students did really well on this test and I was proud of them.

During math, we went over our math homework from last night and made sure everyone understood the concepts. We completed our daily SOLVE problem and talked about why we use multiplication instead of addition and how to determine if a problem is multiplication or addition. Ask your child to try and tell you the difference on a given problem! Our math test has been moved to Friday. I sent home a study guide today, but there will not be Order of Operations on the test.

During Imagine It we looked more in depth at adjusting our reading speed and why we would need to do this when reading an expository text. We also had a concept web contest! The students had to create a concept web about the sun and the student with the most correct concepts won a lunch with me in the teacher's lounge. During phonics we looked at putting -tion and -ment on the ends of words and how it changes the word. We created sentences using these words.

During AR, we read a book about Kwanzaa and discussed the different principles of Kwanzaa and how we can apply them to our own lives. All of the students took an AR test and everyone got a 90 or 100! Almost everyone in our class has made their AR goal!

During Science, we finished our KWHL charts for Sun, Moon, and Stars by filling in the Know and Want to Know sections. Tomorrow, we will look at how light is created in many different ways.

See you tomorrow.

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