Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh no! The SMART Board!

The SMART Board finally gave out on us today. The bulb has been threatening to go out for a couple of weeks and it finally gave up. I have already put in an order for it to be fixed, so hopefully it won't be to long before it is up and running. It is back to the old school for my classroom and we will be using chart paper for our board.

This morning's journal was about your favorite sport on wheels. Are you a skateboarder, biker, roller skater, etc? We had some very challenging problems on our morning math, with two multi-step problems, place value, and a picto-graph problem. We will have our weekly morning math test tomorrow.

During math, we reviewed for our multiplication and division test. I gave the students examples that are just like the problems on the test to solve in their math journals. All of the students brought their math journals home as a study guide. We will take our test tomorrow. I will walk the students through un-packing the questions and they will solve them on their own.

During Imagine It, we reviewed for our test tomorrow and focused on drawing conclusions. We practiced taking clues from the text, putting it with our own knowledge, and then drawing a conclusion. All of the students took the AR test on Sun and everyone got either a 90 or 100. Almost everyone has made their goals. We have exactly two weeks from tomorrow to make AR goals.

During science, we were going to watch a video about light as an introduction to the sun, but as soon as I got it on, the SMART board went black. Instead, I read a book about light and how it is made by electricity and the students wrote ten facts they learned from the story. Tomorrow, we will complete a lab with different kinds of light and compare how they are alike and different.

Thank goodness it will be Friday!

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