Friday, January 20, 2012

No Test Came Home!!!

I know many of you are asking, "Where are your tests?" I have the answer to that question. I was unable to get them graded and sent home today, due to meetings that I had to participate in. I will try to get the tests sent home on Tuesday. You should expect your child's: Heritage Project grade, timed multiplication test, morning math test, Geometric Terms test, and reading formative test.

We will have the Science and SS district formative test on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. The AR assembly will be on Friday at 10:15 am. We will have our vocabulary walk, with all the students participating. I will send more information about creating your child's vocabulary hat through e-mail.

Yesterday's morning journal was: What do you think about when you are trying to go to sleep?
Today's morning journal was: I wish I had a million... Of course most of the students said, "A MILLION DOLLARS!" They would buy some pretty interesting things with their money. Ask your child what they wanted to get.

Today we took our morning math test and these will be coming home on Tuesday. Please review over any concepts that your child struggled with on this test.

In math, they completed their right, acute, and obtuse angle pictures. They had to explain why these pictures showed each of these type of angles. STUDY THOSE MULTIPLICATION FLASH CARDS!!!! We will have a timed test on Tuesday.

In Imagine It, the students completed a reading formative. This was the last reading formative that I will assist them in unpacking the questions. They need to continue practicing this strategy each week and will also prove their answers in the passage. This is a very important skill on the EOGs.

All but one student made their AR goal!! I am excited for the Vocabulary Parade next Friday at 10:15. I hope to see you there.

In science, we watched a video on the phases of the moon. This is a Bill Nye video, which does an excellent job of describing how the moon phases are created. There will be a new moon in the next couple of days. Ask your child what this means.

NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!! See you Tuesday.

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